DebtControl and Repossession Software System    


DebtControl can either be used by The Debt Recovery Industry or deployed in Companies wishing to manage their own receivables recoveries.

DebtControl  specialises solely in delivering a best practice Receivables Recovery management system.

DebtControl's value transcends mere cost savings (a benefit delivered by other financial collection software packages) because it literally increases an organisationís cash in hand, reduces profit leakage and improves customer satisfaction. This means an improved debt to equity ratio, reducing external financing needs and enhancing credit ratings

With DebtControl  in place organisations realise both short and long term results with far-reaching outcomes, including the following 8 key benefits:

Improves Cash Position


Speeds up the cash collection process, increases the number of invoices collected on time and reduces overdue receivables by 50 Ė 95%. This results in a reduction of working capital thereby increasing available cash assets.

Reduces Costs     
Lowers the internal time and resources assigned to accounts receivable processes, cuts the cost of manual and paper based billing, minimises fees to outside agencies and solicitors, providing direct operating expense savings of 10 - 30%.

Increases Profits    
The automated closed-loop cash management system generates an improved cash position and a lower operating cost therefore reduces profit leakage by 25 - 40%.

Increases Customer Satisfaction    
An end-to-end solution that dramatically improves the customer experience, increasing satisfaction and reducing churn.

Provides Management Control     
Centralises management of all cash related information, with real time reports available.

Improves Team Productivity  
Automates an organisationís cash management document preparation and workflows, with automated reminders.

Decreases Risk
The credit worthiness of prospects can be checked prior to accepting them as customers.

 Delivers Strategic Advantages
Increases competitive advantage with strategic use of customer information, an improvement in business process visibility and control along with a greater business focus resulting in a reallocation of resources to improve service delivery execution


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Software developers of DebtControl Software, Buildsoft and Clubsoft free software for clubs.

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DebtContol, Debtor management Software System is the most widley used Debtor Management Software in New Zealand

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New features being added to DebtControl all the time. A new Rental Agency feature allows users to manage overdue tenanacy payments.

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