DebtControl and Repossession Software System    

The Technology:  

 The DebtControl  cash management solution is based upon a software system that can Web enable the end-to-end financial management process. Thereby enabling Collection Agencies clients’ unprecedented access to the data stored on the DebtControl users Computer.

As such DebtControl  focuses on delivering a superior Receivables recovery result for client’s who have entrusted their Debt Collections with an agency using the  DebtControl Software System.

DebtControl  is a modular application that is developed to enable a Collection Agency to offer their clients a full range of Services. The solution comprises 6 key modules that integrate with existing ERP, CRM, front-end order management systems and products from service providers such SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Great Plains, Quicken, MYOB and more.

Companies get the ability to check the cash management history of all potential customers on line. This is not just a credit check but also a rating on the customer’s ability to pay, based on their payment history with all Collection Agencies using DebtControl.

Some key features include:

  • Can automatically check credit history with all the users of the DebtControl System.
  • Build a credit worthiness profile based on Data stored in the  DebtControl Users Group.
  • Creates relationships between different debtors (eg, family, spouse, etc).

Ledger Management Features
A unique feature that gives users of the DebtControl System the ability to  manage invoices and payments on behalf of their clients.

Some key features include:

  • Automatically detects when debtor accounts fall due and sends initial invoice notification.
  • Automatically detects when debtor accounts fall overdue and sends escalation reminders.
  • Billing notifications can be sent to any combination of email, SMS, recorded voice or post.
  • Automatically detects when an invoice is paid and stops payment request notifications.
  • Automatically sends service suspension notices internally and externally.

As one of the world’s most advanced automated debt management software systems this is our highly functional collections and dispute management application that gives organisations the ability to methodically manage all debtor accounts, collect cash faster and simpler and thereby remove the cost of outsourcing overdue debtor accounts to external agencies. With multi-currency and multi-user capabilities it has delivered proven results with many thousands of Clients over many years.

Some key features include:

  • Automated transfer of key financial information into and out of the DEBTCONTROL system.
  • Web based interface between DebtControl Users and their clients.
  • Automated production of all key documents within a Collection company’s cash collection process.
  • Excellent reporting systems enable clients to receive up to the minute reporting on the success or otherwise of debts handed in for collection.
  • Automatically monitors all debtors to ensure payments are up to date.
  • Integrated best practice legal documentation management system (for NZ and Australia).


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Software developers of DebtControl Software, Buildsoft and Clubsoft free software for clubs.

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DebtContol, Debtor management Software System is the most widley used Debtor Management Software in New Zealand

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New features being added to DebtControl all the time. A new Rental Agency feature allows users to manage overdue tenanacy payments.

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