DebtControl and Repossession Software System    


We offer a consultative approach to developing DebtControl  to fit a Collection Companies existing Debt Collection Processes and provide a hands-on design, delivery and implementation service to ensure total satisfaction.

At the start we work to rapidly transition an organisation from its current system by converting their old system data so that it seamlessly transfers into DebtControl.

Assistance with document conversion is given along with whatever online or personal help is required.

This deployment approach minimises upfront expenditures, offering initial solutions to make an instant bottom line impact.

Transition plans are designed to best suit each organisation’s readiness for change. Process and technology details are addressed upfront with unique implementation approaches designed as needed.

We have a simple 2 stage approach:


Depending on the complexity of the organisation, assessments will typically take a few days to complete. The objective of an assessment is to identify the current systems and data storage.

  1. Identification of the current business rules and operating software.
  2. Estimate and plan the transition approach and timeline.
  3. Statement of fees:
    1. Licence to operate Fee – this typically represents the size of the business and all charges are based on the number of Work Stations the business operates.
    2. Conversion costs – After assessing the complexities of the conversion provide a quotation for converting old system data  to be installed into DebtControl.


Depending on the complexity of the organisation, the timeframe to launch and complete a DebtControl conversion ranges from 1-2 months.


What We Do

Software developers of DebtControl Software, Buildsoft and Clubsoft free software for clubs.

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About Us

DebtContol, Debtor management Software System is the most widley used Debtor Management Software in New Zealand

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New features being added to DebtControl all the time. A new Rental Agency feature allows users to manage overdue tenanacy payments.

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