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DebtControlLive How it works

Logging on

After pointing your browser to the DebtControlLive logon page,  you will be

presented with a page similar to the following:


Place your cursor in the Login box and enter the login name you were given by your collection agency.

Press tab or click in the the password box and enter the password you were given. Press Enter or click

submit to be taken to the Debt List page.


If you receive and error message, contact your collection agency so they can verify that you are using

the correct details.

Debt Search

After first logging on, you will be presented with the Search Debts page, similar to that show below:


You have the option of searching for your debtors by name, or by your reference. If searching by

name, use a comma to separate the surname and first name, or just enter the surname to return all

debtors with that name. Click the Search button to retrieve a list of debtors. You can retrieve all

your outstanding debts by leaving both boxes empty but this may take some time, depending on

the number returned.



In the example above, a search has been performed on the surname Jones, which has returned

one record.


To check the status of the returned debts, click on the debtor’s name (as you hover over it, the

mouse pointer will turn to a hand icon). This will show a list of notes the collection agency has

entered, as well as any payments that have been received.



If you have been granted the necessary rights by your collection agency, you will be able to

add notes and/or add payments to your files by clicking on the respective links to the right

of the debt details.


Adding a note allows you to record some piece of information against a debtor’s record,

for use by the collection agency. In addition, the specific individual responsible for that debt

will receive an instant notification that a note has been entered. Click on “Add note” and you

will see an entry box similar to that below:



Enter a note in the text box, and click “Add”, to the right. Or, to cancel entering a note, click

the “Cancel Note” link on the debtor record.


After you have added a note, the debt’s notes will be shown with your new note at the bottom.

Note that all notes entered via the web based system will begin with a ^ symbol.


To notify the collection agency that you have received a payment for a given debt, click on the

“Add payment” link on the debtor’s record. This will enter a receipt on the agency’s system

that will be processed in due course and appear on your statement.


After clicking “Add payment” the screen will appear similar to that below:


Enter the date when you received the payment in the “Date” box (in DD/MM/YYYY format), and

enter the amount received in the “Amount” box (do not include a dollar sign). Click on the “Add”

lick to the right to process the payment. Your payment will be shown in the list of all payments as

“pending”. To cancel entering the payment, click on the “Cancel Receipt” link to the right of the

debtor’s record.


It is possible to view any of your statements, including the current incomplete month, on the internet



When logged on, click on the “Statements” link on the menu at the top of the screen. You will be

presented with a screen similar to that below:



From the “Select Period” drop-down list, select the month you wish to view. From the

“Select Account” drop-down, select your account # (if you have multiple). The account

number can be found on one of your monthly printed statements you receive from your

 collection agency.


Once you select “Display”, a statement will be shown in a format similar to that on your

monthly printed statement. This can be printed using your browser’s print button.


Load Debts


If you have the necessary permissions, and if your collection agency supports it, you

can load debts directly into your agency’s database from the internet system.


When logged on, click on the “Load Debts” link on the menu at the top of the screen.

You will be presented with a screen similar to that below:



Enter in as much detail as possible relating to the debt/debtor, and click “Add debt”

at the bottom of the screen. Note that the fields marked with a * are compulsory and

must be filled in.


After you have added the debt, it should appear in the “Awaiting Processing” list, at

the bottom of the screen. In due course (normally within 1 working day) the debt

should be loaded at the collection agency, and will appear on the “List Debts” screen

as per normal.




Reports of your debtors can be generated to screen, printer, PDF file, or Excel.

There are 3 different types of report available, these being:

·         Outstanding debts

·         All debts

·         Recently loaded (in the past month)


Select the desired report type from the drop-down box and click the “display” button.





This will disconnect your session and return you to the login page.


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