DebtControl and Repossession Software System    

Click the Download  button to begin downloading all of the system help files.

We reccommend creating a folder on your computer and then downloading the helpfile from here and placing the downloaded file into the new "helpfiles" folder you have just created. Then double click on the helpfiles.exe file and extract the files contained in the exe file into the "Helpfiles" folder.

The names of the files are reasonable explicit and when looking for support on any subject you should refer to these help files first. 


What We Do

Software developers of DebtControl Software, Buildsoft and Clubsoft free software for clubs.

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About Us

DebtContol, Debtor management Software System is the most widley used Debtor Management Software in New Zealand

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News and Events

New features being added to DebtControl all the time. A new Rental Agency feature allows users to manage overdue tenanacy payments.

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