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Upgrade dated  16/02/18 at 12.45pm 

A problem exists when producing some repossession warrants. This upgrade fixes those.

Upgrade dated  22/01/18 at 3.15pm 

A problem exists when producing an AP Authority for a job that is a repossession. This upgrade fixes that.  

Upgrade dated  17/01/18 at 10.10am 

Changes to the Repossession warrants to display the Expiury date of the warrant.

NOTE: The expiry date now displays as the date the warrant is issued plus 60 days, As I understand this is now in line with legal requirements.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE If your warrants do not display this message please advise us as you will be using personalised warrants which will need to be replaced. Contact Alba Software at 021371942 for replacements.

A number of other minor changes have been made, mostly cosmetic.

Upgrade dated  10/01/18 at 10.10am 

Changes to the Web Finder feature in the main work area. There were some broken Links which have been fixed. This is a very important annual update and must be installed before the end of January or your system will stop working 

Upgrade dated  01/01/18 at 10.10am 

Few minor changes to ensure system, keeps up with the latest legislative requirments. Very important annual update 

Upgrade dated 15/08/17 at 11.10pm 

Change to ssl feature. 

Upgrade dated 06/06/17 at 2.10pm 

Contains Changes to the Promotional Client Letters. 

Upgrade dated 04/05/17 at 4.10pm

Contains Lat.22PM (NZ)  est Upgrade attempting to sort out Statement print problem.

Upgrade dated 13/04/17 at 10.05AM (NZ) 

Sorting a Email address problem.

This upgrade Contains changes that have needed to be made because Spark has blocked access to port 25 for emailing and texts.

This has meant major changes have had to be made to the DebtControl software.

Upgrade dated 27/06/16 at 3015 PM (NZ) 

This upgrade has a number of small fixes.

Upgrade dated 22/06/16 at 4.30 PM (NZ) 

This upgrade has a major change made

to fix an error with GST calculating incorrectly in one area. This was determined by the way you have setup your Clients master screen. Was a RARE error but need fixing. A number of other small changes have also been made. In the Company setup screen if you went in to edit the Text system the system changed the name of your company as you exited. Obviously this has been fixed.

Upgrade dated 08/01/16 at 11.45 AM (NZ) 

This upgrade has a small change to the main work area in an attempt to stop a strange crash that happens very intermitantly. As far as I know this problem is isolated to just one user of the system.

Upgrade dated 07/01/16 at 10.05 AM (NZ) 

This upgrade changes the way the date works when entering a batch of Debtor Receipts. It now stays the same as the first date you enter until you change it then it stays at that date until you change it.

Upgrade dated 04/12/15 at 11.45 AM (NZ) 

This upgrade replaces a missing report that can be printed when using the right click menu and you want a printout of only debts not repos etc.


Upgrade dated 01/12/15 at 3.25 PM (NZ)  WARNING!!!   

This upgrade corrects a fault that allows a full print of statements after emails have been sent


Upgrade dated 23/11/2015 at 4.25 PM (NZ)  WARNING!!!   


These upgrade notes should be read in conjuction with all notes below. Depending how far you go back depends on when you last upgraded your software.

This upgrade has an important change to the Texting software. If you have arranged with your Text Services provider to send extended length texts then go into Company Setup/ EDIT TEXT System (Red)

and click on the pink box.

If you have not arranged for extended texts then only 160 character length texts will be sent. You will be given the oppertunity to reduace the length of the TXTs before sending.

There are many other changes in the upgrade and I suggest you read the notes below back until at least August this year.


This will be the first time most of you will have seen this new Website.

I have tried to keep the areas which all current users are familiar with the same as before.

This latest download has a complete revisions of the appearacnce of DebtControl with a view to modernising the interface.

All features have been tested with the very latest Windows 10 Software and no problems have been identified.

A small change has been made when sending emails from the Right Click menu in the main work area. You can now EDIT the Text of the email before sending it as you can with the Texting feature.

Any comments or suggestions would be welcomed about this new website.


Upgrade dated 29/10/2015 at 11:06 AM (NZ)  WARNING!!!    This email is larger than usual so will take a bit longer to load.

Found and fixed a bug when printing current transactions from the clients Transaction screen.

Fixed a problem with sending texts which resulted in no message advising what type of communication has been made with the debtor.

Tidied up the way the Journal system worked to make it a bit easier to understand for new users of the System.

If using Windows 10 you can now use the copy and paste when editing Letters in the DebtControl Letter Editor. 

Numerous other small changes. As requested by users.

Enlarged Username field in the new emailing system

Email connections to the internet and your service provider have now been completely reworked to bring them

uptodate with the latest requirments of service providers.

Reworked the way we send manual emails and texts. You can now edit the email templates and Text(SMS) templates in the Company setup area.

You can also edit the wording before sending the email and text as well.

Major changes have been made to the Email and Text sending software to bring it uptodate with the latest methods of sending and receiving texts and emails.

When sending a manually generated email the form of the email is displayed prior to you sending so that you can be sure it is appropriate.


Upgrade dated 20/07/2015 at 10.25 AM (NZ)

Found and fixed a bug that caused a crash when trying to add notes to an Agents Job sheet for dispatch by email


Upgrade dated 07/07/2015 at 3.55 PM (NZ)

Changes to some reports and changes to the Email options editing program located in the Company setup. Now easier to edit these files.


Upgrade dated 21/05/2015 at 1.55 PM (NZ)

Small Changes to the Clnt printout lists which are accessed from the client screen. These can not be printed from a date

and also a PDF report can now be created instead of printin g the reports.


Upgrade dated 12/05/2015 at 1.50 PM (NZ)

Changed the system so that all debtors who have a mobile number can be set to receive texts if the operator requires it.

Just go into the Company setup screen and click on the "Set System Environment" menu option then click the red button at the bottom

Read the help notes on the button.


Upgrade dated 09/04/2015 at 7.50 PM (NZ)

Changes to some reports and numerous fine tuning


Upgrade dated 04/2/2015 at 3.50 PM (NZ)

Changes to some reports and added select printers in some printouts


Upgrade dated 21/1/2015 at 2.40 PM (NZ)

Changed the Trading as field back to the front screen on the Desktop working area and corrected the

Interim Doc Service and Interim Repossession notice mixup reported by some users.


Upgrade dated 20/1/2015 at 9.25 AM (NZ)

Minor changes requested by user included in the upgrade. Have increased the size of the

Subject line of Debtor emails so that if a debtor has a long name it will fit.


Upgrade dated 21/12/2014 at 9.25 AM (NZ)

This upgrade completes the major upgrades we have undertaken to make the DebtControl system more efficient

and assist users with the collection of overdue Debts, Repossessions etc.

It is now possible to search for "New Debts"  (01) and "Stage two Search" old (02)  letters at any time

from your main workarea screen. It should mean that it will become unecessary to do the daily letter search as

new debts can be handle immediatley they are entered if required.

WARNING:- All the new searching routines only show debts that belong to the operator doing the search. If an

operator is snowed under some debts could be missed. So it is very important the operators do their searches daily

and process whatever the system throws up. The old full search does still exist and can also be used as a catch all to

cover the situation where an operator is unable to process all of their lists daily.

Unkept Promises:- This now works as follows. If you set up a payment routine for a debtor the UNKEPT PROMISES

list will display a list of Debtors who have not started their Promised Payments.

Changes to the setup of the Email system:-

Now need to set up your email password and username in the DebtControl system these are the same

usernames and password as you use for your Outlook or Gmail emails setups.

The setup for these is accessed via the Company details Page.

I have also now moved the Debtors email address onto the front of the debtors screen to make viewing of it easier.

Changes to the Legal System:-

Changes to the court/Legal system. A completely new Legal system has been installed to conform with the latest

 Justice Department procedures.

Major changes to the way "Payment Stopped" , "Action Required", and Phone Calls needed list are prepared.

Any users using old slow computers may notice the lists take a little longer to prepare. This will only happen once a day

and  will happen on the first Work Station in the office that accesss one of the lists.

You do not need to do a daily letter search to generate these list anymore. It is only neccessary to do a letter search 

if you wish to send a batch of letters.

A lot of work has been done on these "Action/Work" lists in an attempt to ensure every Debt in the system is checked daily

to see what needs to happen. A number of other small changes have also been completed such as ensuring that when a

payment is made the date of the last payment shows in the Green "Setup Repayment Schedule" system.

Also when you send an invoice to a client now via email a note is made which displays the email address that you

sent the invoice to.   

Powerfull new feature added to all the Field Agent Reports in the system

 Reposession, Document Service, Field Visit Reports Valuation Reports, Loan application interviews Court attendance request

now have the ability to have an Identification Photo added.

To add Photos just go to the Add a photo page on the main work area page and enter a photo of a person or building or car or

whatever you have been asked to report on and it will print on the report or be shown on the email report that you send to

your field agents

When emailing a report to a field agent a note is pl;aced into the system advising the email address of the field agent


Upgrade dated 07/09/2014 at 12.05 PM (NZ)

Fix to the client receipting program.

So minor changes with the new "UNKEPT PROMISE" routine being redone in an attempt to get it working properly.

If problems exist with starting after importing the new upgrade go into the DEVO folder on your server and locate a

file named "Repairfiles.exe" and double click on it. When it finishes running try and start your system again.,

Upgrade dated 10/05/2014 at 9.55 AM (NZ)

This is a major upgrade.

A completely new feature has been added that allows you to view on screen any Promises to pay that have been set up and are not working. 

Hopefully no problems will rear their heads with this upgrade but if they do let us know immediatley and they will be fixed.

The team at Debtcontrol have embarked on a major series of changes to the software which will be rolled out over the next

few months. The reason we are doing this is to modernise the software and add many new features which we feel will

benefit users.

If any of you have ideas we would be pleased to hjear them.

The next major feature which is almost finished is the ability to have a series of different types of recovery actions rather

than just the one standard approach.

We have discovered that you all use the system in different ways and we are trying to accomodate all users.

Obviously there will be times when a bug is left in the system. Please be patient and report it immediatley and we will fix it pronto.


Upgrade dated 24/04/2014 at 5.10 PM (NZ)

Notes relating to this upgrade dated 24/04/2014.

Numerous small changes.

Have added three extra Document service types.

1.Demerit points service

2.Licence suspension

3. Licence Revocation

Notes relating to this upgrade dated 10/04/2014.

Slight changes to the way the Bank paymebts printouts work at the end of receipting a bank statement

If any unassigned payments exist a list is printed and then the unassigned will be deleted which means

you will need to enter these unassigned payments using the normal receipting system in the "Main Work Area"

Fixed a bug that was stopping the "File is Archived" message displaying on the front screen.

Added a message on the end of all alphabetical or Debt # searchs that tells the operator if a debt is Archived or not 

Notes relating to this upgrade dated 10/03/2014.

Bug found and fixed in the texting software

Notes relating to this upgrade dated 07/03/2014.

Added features to the Promotional Group Email system.

Can now select a group of Clients to send Promotional message to.

You can view the list and delete any you do not need by Right Clicking on the screen.


Notes relating to this upgrade dated 05/03/2014.

Number of changes made to the Send Promotional letters to clients. You can now send just one email at a time

and you can attach a Promotional document to the email that you have prepared in Word or Powerpoint.

There have been a number of minor fixs and adjustments also made at the request of users.



Notes relating to this upgrade dated 18/12/2013.

Problem with the Credit Debit Statement tick box not reccognising when it is changed from yes to no or viceaversa

                                       Upgrade dated 06/01/2014 at 5.30 PM (NZ)

Notes relating to this upgrade dated 06/01/2014.

This is a vital upgrade that must be installed before the end of January 2014 or system will fail to work.

No noticable changes will be obvious but upgrade has important registered user features which are activated.

Small change to the Diary system so that it refreshes the screen after you delete or update a diary entry.

Have fixed the sales Graph that scrols across the page. It now compares your daily sales with the

same number of days last year.

by this upgrade. A number of new macro fields for letters are also included.


                                       Upgrade dated 18/12/2013 at 3.10 PM (NZ)

Notes relating to this upgrade dated 18/12/2013.

Main change is a new worm on the front screen that displays if you are ahead or behind collections

and charges completed for the current month. The current month is compared with the exact same

time this month last year.

Is an excellent feature to visually display how far ahead or behind you are compared with last year.

The other change is to have the cursor go immediatley to the date field when starting a new diary entry . 


                                       Upgrade dated 13/11/2013 at 2.10 PM (NZ)

Notes relating to this upgrade dated 13/11/2013.

Change the main screen so that when you access it the cursor is sitting in the Debt # field

Notes relating to this upgrade dated 06/11/2013.

Change to the printing routines to cater for windows 7 and Windows 8

Notes relating to this upgrade dated 21/10/2013.

Minor Tweak to the letter and Daily Action searching procedures and corrected a bug in the "List all Client  Instructions"

that was wrongly reporting some debtors as Bankrupt..

Notes relating to this upgrade dated 16/10/2013.

Fixed a bug in the Texting software

Notes relating to this upgrade dated 02/10/2013.

Only minor changes.

Notes relating to this upgrade dated 23/09/2013.

1. Only one change made to the Debt Reporting procedure.

Corrected a bug that was allowing debts that were paid in full to be displayed when running the "Report on all Active Debts.

Notes relating to this upgrade dated 20/09/2013.

1. New system called "Tohard Basket " added. This enable you to place a debt into the to hard basket if you have done

    everything possible and want to get it out of your Daily Action lists. If after 90 days there has been no activity on the debt it will once

    again be placed into your action lists. This ensures that it does not get forgotten. 

2. Change to the "Mark Debts as Contacted" routine. This gives three options.

          a." Mark Debt as conatced" and remove from your action lists.

          b."Temporarily Hold action" for 7 days and remove from your Daily action lists. If no action then the debt will

               reappear in your action lists a week later.

        c. "Remove Debt from Action List" This removes the debt from your action lists and place into the

             new "ToHard Basket" system

             See explanation as to how it works above.

3. System now provides a description as to why the debt has been placed into the various Daily Action Lists.

    This is located on the left hand side of the screen display. 

      Notes relating to previous upgrade dated 09/09/2013. 

1. Numerous small changes as requested by users.

 2. Main change relates to how notes are displayed. When there are a number of lines to one note the date displays

on the first line only and then the rest of the notes related to this entry do not display the date. This has

come about from a suggestion from one of the new users of the software and everyone owes Rashmi of Credit Solutions a big Thankyou. 



Notes relating to previous upgrade dated 04/09/2013. 

Changed main work area screen in two places.

1. Added a field below the Debt # search field to quickly search for debtors by using the clients Reference number.

2. Added a button to make the Tracinging/ searching feature more visible.

  See notes below for instructions on using the Tracing/Searching feature


Notes Relating to previous upgrade dated 21/07/2013.

Have added the ability to produce statements in Excell Format. 21/08/2013

Change to the Promotional Clients email system to stop system failing when it tries to send an email to a client who does not have an email address.

Minor change to split statements emailing system. Remember to advise clients to check their Junk or Spam if a statement is missing.

Fixed a bug in the Promotional Clients email system.

A new Report added that allows you to print out debtor lists sorting them into Suburbs, Streets or any other grouping you wish

Using the search routine found by double clicking on the Debtors Surname field in the main screen. See following screen shots.



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